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Anceu experience

The best way to discover the Anceu vibe is through our stories, projects, experiences, and especially the perspective of our colivers.

Here we share them. Happy reading!

Circular Actions May 2023

Slow Travel: local living in a coliving space

Slow travel Today, we’re diving into the world of slow travel and how you can embrace it right here at … Read more
The Break - May Edition

Be part of Anceu Coliving in 2024

Community, nature, and local impact! Get ready to join Anceu Coliving in 2024 as we embark on our main focus … Read more

Becoming Cuco: A Journey into Art and AI.

Becoming Cuco is not just a documentary; it’s a journey into the heart of creativity. It’s where the lines between … Read more

Rural Coliving Innovation Exchange: Anceu to Alpiness

Recently, we’ve had the chance to visit our friends from Alpiness Coliving in a p2p exchange of the European Creative … Read more

Community Engagement Online from Offline

At Anceu Coliving, we’ve always valued the strong community bonds formed during the stay of our colivers. But as we … Read more

A Special Trip: Anceu Coliving Meets ATÖLYE in Istanbul

When the countryside met the city: How we’re learning from each other Last month, Ignacio Marquez from our Anceu Coliving … Read more

Anceu Coliving 2023: Community, Creativity, and Rural Renewal

Anceu Coliving isn’t just a place. Anceu Coliving is a concept, a vision, and a thriving community that envisions a … Read more

Common Dinners: A Community-Building Experience

Today we are presenting our common dinners. At Anceu Coliving, we have discovered that sharing meals together can create strong … Read more

Rural Coworking and Coliving in Spain: Anceu Coliving

Anceu Coliving is a rural coworking and coliving space in Spain, offering a unique living and working experience for remote … Read more

Rural Hackers Residencies

Welcome to Rural Hackers, a disruptive movement in the outstanding countryside of Galicia, a place where you can learn and … Read more
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