Be part of Anceu Coliving in 2024

Community, nature, and local impact!

Get ready to join Anceu Coliving in 2024 as we embark on our main focus for the upcoming season!

Last year we strengthened our commitment to the core principles of our project: community, nature, and local impact. These are the ideals we aim to uphold and advance by 2024 at Anceu Coliving.

Take a glimpse at some of the projects we’ve undertaken this year, and anticipate the continuation of such initiatives in the coming year. We’re inviting you to be part of the Anceu Coliving journey in 2024!

On going Projects: Exploring Local Heritage Through Stories, Food, and Tradition.

Pegadas do Recordo

We preserve the village heritage by capturing untold stories through an audiovisual journey in collaboration with the local community.
Read more here

pegadas do recordo

Anceu Fest

On the 27th July, we coordinate a yearly event with traditional music and international food to commemorate the Day of Galicia Read more here

Entre Culturas Rural hacking

Entre Culturas events

We organize monthly events designed to foster connections within our local community through international cuisine and cultural initiatives. Read more here.

Entre culturas The Break

Revitalizing the Communal House with our villagers

This year, we’re putting our efforts into fixing up and bringing new energy to the village’s communal house, known as Casa do Pobo. From repairing it to making it lively, you can be a part of it. Join in, and you’ll get to learn a lot about the village, our culture, traditions, and languages – it’s the perfect chance to discover and be a part of our community!

Casa do Pobo The Break

Healthy Co-cooking

In our community, we strengthen our bond with colivers by enjoying tasty and nutritious family dinners together from Monday to Friday. Read more here

Circular Actions

We develop monthly environmental actions, with the support of a local NGO, to give back to the planet what we took from it and help nature to thrive. Read more here

Anceu Coliving projects for 2024: local impact residencies on our new maker space

Join us and be a part of the action! As a coliver, you have the opportunity to contribute residents in completing their projects while connecting with locals. Our Residencies program, developed by Rural Hackers in collaboration with the Culture Moves Europe and Blackburn College, offers short-term stays of 1 or 2 months for residents working on impact local projects in Anceu village.

Engaging in social initiatives focused on arts, creativity, and technology, these projects take place in our newly established rural maker space, equipped with tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, screen printing, and painting materials, all aimed at collaborative efforts with the local community. Explore the exciting ventures of confirmed residents and join us to make a difference in our community!

Textile Revival: The Art of Upscaling Fabrics

Meet Lotte Van Engelen, a Belgium textile artist weaving hidden stories from old garments. Her art transforms fabric into tapestries depicting local tales, childhood memories, and the margins of history.
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Lotte Van Engelen during an upcycling fashion workshop

Unveiling the Magic of Collective Painting

Cam Stass is a painter and illustrator from Belgium. Her inspiration comes from nature and people. She is also influenced by shapes, perspective and by her travels. She loves creating and mysterious worlds, based on figurative and abstract elements. Read more here

Camille Stass

Nature-Inspired Design

Mery Jablonska is a Polish graphic and product designer with a passion for aesthetic minimalism in art and life.
Read more here

Mery Jablonska

Experimenting with Arts, Tech, and Creativity

Blackburn College students from UK will explore Labs for tech, arts, and creativity in social impact projects for Anceu village challenges Read more here

Blackburn college

Be part of Anceu Coliving 2024

Come to our rural coliving in Anceu! Experience a life-changing way of coliving and coworking in rural Galicia, Spain. This is the place for people working remotely who want to live in nature and are willing to contribute to the revitalization of Anceu village.

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