Creating local impact in rural coliving thanks to ECHN

Bridging Communities for Rural Development

In the heart of Galicia, two pioneering hubs, Anceu Coliving and Laboratorio Biomimético, have united their strengths to address common rural challenges through an innovative exchange. This collaboration, supported by the European Creative Hubs Network, culminated in the vibrant and multifaceted event, A Fuchiqueira.

Both Anceu Coliving and Laboratorio Biomimético share a deep commitment to revitalizing rural areas. Recognizing the threats of abandoned villages, aging populations, and economic stagnation, these hubs have embraced collaborative efforts to foster community engagement and sustainable development.

Anceu Coliving, hosted a week-long exchange with Laboratorio Biomimético, which specializes in biomaterials and maker activities. This exchange aimed to enhance knowledge transfer, promote innovative rural solutions, and build lasting connections among participants.

Our first day of the exchange

The Week of Exchange: Learning and Collaboration

The exchange began with immersive visits to Anceu Coliving, followed by expert-led workshops on community engagement and sustainable economic models. Participants also had the opportunity to visit impactful local projects, including the Mercado de Tía Ni, Espacio Arroelo Coworking (a part of the European Creative Hubs Network), and Casa Nagarola. These sites serve as catalysts and energizers for rural development, providing valuable insights into successful community initiatives.

Midweek, participants delved into biomaterial utilization and maker activities with Laboratorio Biomimético. The week’s discussions and brainstorming sessions laid the groundwork for future collaborations, setting the stage for the grand finale: A Fuchiqueira.

A Fuchiqueira: A Celebration of Innovation and Community

On Saturday, the village of Anceu came alive with A Fuchiqueira, an intergenerational event designed to inspire creativity and foster community ties. Held at the communal house, the event featured a blend of art, technology, and culinary delights, reflecting the diverse interests and expertise of the participants.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Laboratorio Biomimético on biomaterials, showcasing their innovative projects and the broader impact of the European Creative Hubs Network. Following this, participants engaged in hands-on experimentation sessions, exploring various disciplines:

  • 3D Printing Demonstration: An introduction to 3D printing technology, complete with practical demonstrations.
  • Laser Cutting Techniques: Demonstrations and hands-on experimentation with laser cutting.
  • Biomaterials Workshop: Creating new materials from used coffee grounds, blending sustainability with innovation.
  • Learn how to make solarigraphy with an empty soda can
  • Create your website with WordPress.

The event concluded with a communal dining experience, where participants savored international dishes prepared by fellow attendees. This meal, accompanied by traditional regional music, provided a platform for cultural exchange and networking, strengthening community bonds and fostering new connections.

A Fuchiqueira was more than just an event; it was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in rural development. The participants left with:

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in technology, arts, and sustainability.
  • Strengthened community connections and a network of like-minded individuals.
  • Renewed inspiration for creative and impactful rural projects.
  • Opportunities for future collaborations between Anceu Coliving, Laboratorio Biomimético, and other rural hubs.

A Bright Future for Rural Innovation thanks to ECHN

Thanks to the European Creative Hubs Network and the dedication of both Anceu Coliving and Laboratorio Biomimético, this exchange has set a precedent for future collaborations. Together, they are paving the way for a vibrant, sustainable, and innovative rural future. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and events that continue to transform our rural landscapes.

To relive the highlights of A Fuchiqueira and witness the creativity and community spirit firsthand, check out the attached video of the event. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this exchange a success. We look forward to many more opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate together.

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