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Anceu experience

The best way to discover the Anceu vibe is through our stories, projects, experiences, and especially the perspective of our colivers.

Here we share them. Happy reading!

Anceu Coliving 2023: Community, Creativity, and Rural Renewal

Anceu Coliving isn’t just a place. Anceu Coliving is a concept, a vision, and a thriving community that envisions a … Read more

Common Dinners: A Community-Building Experience

Today we are presenting our common dinners. At Anceu Coliving, we have discovered that sharing meals together can create strong … Read more

Rural Coworking and Coliving in Spain: Anceu Coliving

Anceu Coliving is a rural coworking and coliving space in Spain, offering a unique living and working experience for remote … Read more

Rural Hackers Residencies

Welcome to Rural Hackers, a disruptive movement in the outstanding countryside of Galicia, a place where you can learn and … Read more
Entre Culturas experience March 2023

‘Entre Culturas’ Event

Entre Culturas Events – experiencing worldwide flavours and rhythms at Anceu Coliving! Hey, our dear friends! 🥰 You already know … Read more

Curiositech: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Rural Life

Curiositech – An Erasmus+ project funded by European Commission In the beautiful village of Anceu, located in Ponte Caldelas, Galicia, … Read more
Casiano recording his video during Pegadas do Recordo

Pegadas do Recordo

Pegadas do Recordo is possible because of our alliances

Rural Hacking Workshop

Day 1: Building Connections and Creativity The first day of the Rural Hacking Workshop set the tone for the entire … Read more

ECHN Workshop

We will have the opportunity to imagine together. Our aim is to create an inspiring footprint in the participant’s thanks … Read more