Rural coliving and coworking space in Spain

Community, Nature, and Local Impact

Rural Coliving Space in Spain

Experience a life-changing way of rural coliving and coworking in Galicia, Spain. Anceu Coliving is a place for people working remotely who want to live in nature and are willing to contribute to the revitalization of Anceu village.

Anceu’s aim is to create a positive impact in the local community, foster sustainability, promote the exchange of knowledge and improve people’s lives.

Powered by Inspiration

We build a home of talent. We learn from everyone, knowledge share, and help each other grow.

Balanced by Nature

Almost nothing in life is urgent. We live together in calmness and harmony, which helps us evolve while keeping life flexible.

Based on Imperfection

We aren’t perfect: we do what we can with what we’ve got. And we’re always up for improving ourselves.

Anceu coliving hammock

We believe in rural life

Under the slogan “Think globally, act locally, revive rural”, Anceu Coliving has been around since July 2020, helping its colivers enjoy and contribute to a different way of life.

Life outside the hustle and bustle of a city teaches us so much about ourselves. Rural coliving spaces are experimental, letting you reimagine how to live and lead a better life with those around you.

Rural coliving creates bridges between rural and urban through technology while keeping its distinct connection to nature. Based on what we know and what we learn, we do our best to give back to Anceu’s village and the community that surrounds us.

Painting of a mural in the village
Rural revival pictures in Ponte Caldelas town

We revitalize rural areas

We aim to contribute to the transformation that rural areas need, providing solutions to the existence of depopulated areas, with less and less activity and fewer support networks.

These are some of the projects we developed.

  • Rural hackers. Anceu provides a platform for local and international people to learn and experiment with technology, arts,culture and creativity.
  • Circular actions. Biodiversity actions in the area where we help our rivers, forests, and the local ecosystem.
  • Rural revival. The project focuses on working for the revitalization of rural areas through photography.
  • Rural makers. Using technology to develop simple solutions in rural communities.

Cooperating, not competing

We want to build long-term alliances with other colivings or creative hubs throughout Europe from a rural coliving. We love to help other rural areas, to make visible what we all do, and inspire other people to come and see and do the same.

Sometimes we do it by organizing creative weeks in soon-to-open colivings. Also, we do it by hosting members from other hubs in our home.

Members of Anceu coliving, Sormland coliving, and Chateau coliving. Sweden, 2022.
Members of Anceu Coliving, Sormland coliving, and Chateau coliving. Sweden, 2022.

Make Anceu your home base

Be part of a community who works remotely and is willing to contribute to the revitalization of Anceu village
Anceu coliving Room 102

Our rooms

Anceu rooms have their own soul and give you that warm feeling of home. All of them have been decorated by wonderful artists who expressed their vision of Anceu. They’ve made us appreciate how every space has its own unique, vibrant personality.

Dinner by the pool of Anceu coliving

Our spaces

Anceu Coliving is the ultimate space for developing work ethic, getting focused (1000 Mbps fiber optic Internet, yes, 1 Gbps!), outdoor areas, a swimming pool, coworking, and chill-out areas to create meaningful connections.

chaotic days with Anceu colivingcommunity

Our initiatives

Besides living out our days, our primary focus has always been local impact projects. We aim to build initiatives with the local and Anceu communities. We encourage every member of the coliving to join in on the action!

Meet the team

Africa. Anceu coliving making things happen

Making things happen

Pepe. Anceu coliving slower

Slow mode member

Agus . Anceu coliving hacker

Rural Hacker

Pandora . Anceu coliving dogmunity builder

Royal Dogmunity Builder

Rosa. Anceu coliving cozy home manager

Cozy Home Manager


Chill manager


Gardening Assistant

Se. Anceu coliving artista de la pista

Artista de la pista

Liño. Anceu coliving Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones


Rural MacGyver

A slice of Anceu life

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