Circular Actions is Born

Merchandising with a purpose​

We are developing actions that give back to the planet what we took from it and reduced the consumption footprint.

We are a movement of 5 companies and entities, Anceu Coliving, Espacio Arroelo, Eleven Yellow, A rente do chan, and Loba e Oso, committed to sustainability, and together we created Circular Actions.

Circular actions encompass diverse products, merchandising and activities, each with its characteristics. 

  • regenerative growth that gives back to the natural environment more than we take from it,
  • consume resources within limits,
  • reduce the carbon footprint,
  • increase the rate of utilisation of circular material.

A percentage of the purchased merchandising goes to local environmental actions, like planting trees and enriching local fauna.

The Loba e oso team is responsible for finding ecological materials and managing the manufacturing process with local companies in Pontevedra. 

Also, they contacted A rente do chan – a non-profit association that, since 2017, has been dedicated to promoting actions to develop new forest and environmental policies in Rural Galicia. 

And we, Anceu Coliving,  Espacio Arroelo and Eleven Yellow put these initiatives into action.

Circular Actions is Born

Our first Circular Actions initiative – Eucalyptus removal ​

A couple of days ago, we visited our coliving from A rente do chan, and they explained their local initiatives and how we can help the ecosystem around Anceu.

On this day, they also explained that the fires in Galicia are caused by deforestation, the removal of indigenous fauna, and the replacement of eucalyptus. These fires represent 50% of Spain’s area burned each year and 40% of all fires.

Our solid and hardworking colivers decided to contribute, and we went to a local forest and removed the eucalyptus. 

After that, we had lunch at the house of one of the A rente do chan members.

Thanks, Gloria, for your hospitality.

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