See you At home

At Home in Anceu, Coliving is born.​

Anceu is a home. A home where people in it build. At home, it is built so people can take part. Those people can take part in their art, creativity, and design. Thanks to it can make Anceu Coliving an art and culture centre.

We want your vision of Anceu. At home proposes that you interpret Anceu and its values from your perspective. Be part of it.

And so, in our home, our values are:

  • Social impact. Rural teaches us so many things. We give the rural back what we know in the shape of talent, ideas and possibilities.
  • Inspiration. We build a home of talent. We learn from everyone. It doesn’t matter where they are.
  • We do everything with a bit of technology. But, we keep the part that’s changed our lives.
  • Responsibility. There’s no planet B. Anceu community takes care of it from the village.
  • Slow mode. Almost nothing in life is urgent. We live together in calm and harmony to be able to evolve while we are flexible.
  • We are imperfect people. Because of it, we always want to improve. So we do what we can with what we’ve got.
  • Perspective. We know there are a thousand ways to see everything. So we contribute with different visions and build things with them.

Who can join At home?​

People in the art sector. Painters, designers, architects, artisans, etc. This project starts with women as protagonists because, yes, we are a feminist space.

How to do it?​

Come, get to know the space. Visit our home and get inspired. Pick the area you want to get involved. 

Based on your idea, At home team ( Anceu Team and Maria Dr. Living Home ) will help you execute it.

What’s in it for me?​

At home offers you the possibility of:

  • Enjoy one free one-week stay per year to live in your home.
  • Make Anceu your free coworking space for a year.
  • Increase your visibility in our social networks and our space.
  • Meet people from the Anceu community.
  • Participate in our art and creativity meetings in Anceu when all this happens.

At home’s team​

Since we founded Anceu in 2020, this place has the imprint of our designer Maria from Dr. Living home. We have been living together ever since. She has taught us the importance of each corner having a personality. Also, to enjoy the satisfaction of making with our hands. With her, we created At Home to continue building our home collectively.

If you would like to participate, please contact us at

If you've liked what you've seen, be part of our community