Rural Hybrid Talents

Rural Hybrid Talents

The COVID-19 crisis has propelled remote work for organizations. For many workers, this negatively affects their creative and innovative capacity, as well as their overall well-being. Working remotely can increase feelings of loneliness and anxiety, which can impact mental health. The reduction of spaces for curiosity and exchange can limit opportunities for learning and professional development. This happens because learning is not only about courses or training, but also about daily habits and interactions, such as hallway chats and camaraderie.

While this happens, rural areas of Spain are experiencing severe depopulation, threatening a way of life, endangering traditions, and disconnecting communities from their roots. New technology is a potential game-changer to bring significant change to rural areas and facilitate the development of new, vibrant ecosystems.

The combination of remote work and empty villages is a big moment for companies. They can help stop rural areas from losing people by focusing on their team’s creativity and well being. Through shared experiences of coliving in rural Galicia,we can bring life back to these places and foster innovation and community growth.

What is Rural Hybrid Talent?

Rural Hybrid Talent proposes a minimum one-month coliving experience for remote workers, aimed at companies concerned about their employees’ well-being and who believe in the power of collective inspiration.

By helping your employees to come and live together in a rural coliving space, their creativity and social connection are nurtured, benefiting both them and your company.

Additionally, our approach is based on collaborating to the revitalization of rural life, fostering a sense of community and contributing positively to the local area.

Coliving as a perk

We offer a discount for your employees to come to Anceu Coliving, a rural space for remote workers where collaboration and creativity are fostered in an international and intergenerational environment.

Voluntering as a value

We open the opportunity for your employees to understand the challenges of Anceu village and participate in finding solutions with the local community so that your company contributes to the sustainable development of rural areas.

Anceu coliving hammock
rural vision

Rural pilars


We build a home of talent. We learn from everyone and help each other grow. We’re always up for improving.


We live together in calmness and harmony with nature, which helps us evolve while keeping life flexible.


We aim to contribute to the transformation that rural areas need, providing solutions to the existence of depopulated areas.

We believe in rural life

Under the slogan “Think globally, act locally, revive rural”, Anceu Coliving has been around since July 2020, helping its community enjoy and contribute to a different way of life.

Life outside the hustle and bustle of a city teaches us so much about ourselves. Our rural coliving space is experimental, letting you reimagine how to live and lead a better life with those around you.

We create bridges between rural and urban through technology while keeping its distinct connection to nature. Based on what we know and what we learn, we do our best to give back to Anceu’s village and the community that surrounds us.

Painting of a mural in the village by Anceu coliving members and local community
Collective mural in a water tank in Anceu, August 2022

Turn Anceu Coliving into your remote team’s hub

Join a movement of hybrid talent companies contributing to the revitalization of the town of Anceu. These are some of the rural projects we have developed so far.
Rogelio making friends with the Rural Hackers during Pegadas do Recordo

Pegadas do Recordo

An audiovisual project that brings the history of Anceu village to life through videos integrated into signs with QR codes placed along communal paths to preserve the local invisible heritage.

Collaborative art murals

Creation of collaborative art murals to showcase the cultural heritage of the town of Anceu, depicting its history, and heritage elements such as traditional Celtic dance or Indian architecture.

Circular Actions

A movement of organizations committed to sustainability by actions that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and offsetting the carbon footprint generated. More info here.

Manolo, Jules and Momo helping setting up the artworks in the forest

Becoming Cuco

A project fused an artist’s vision with a tech expert’s know-how to train AI in the artist’s style. They refined algorithms over weeks to capture the essence of the artist’s work. More info here.

The Break - May Edition

Embroidering Stories

This project celebrated rural women with embroidered portraits. It also created a Rural Feminist Manifesto, guiding efforts for gender equality and social justice in the community.


This project aimed at bridging technology and cultural heritage. It involved 20 young participants from five European countries, collaborating to create WordPress websites for four local NGOs.

Maker space

An open space fostering experimentation, where people can engage in a diverse array of DIY activities ranging from 3D printing to sewing and painting.

As Indianas shortfilm

This project delves into the emigration narratives originating from the village of Anceu. Through the voices of women, the film captures their experiences from a feminist perspective.

Network of companies helping villages

Hybrid talent presents an opportunity for your company to connect with businesses sharing similar philosophies.

We want to create a network of companies which help villages. By collaborating with us, you can serve as the inspiration for other communities to thrive.

Anceu Coliving has hosted already workers from companies like Netflix, Komoot, Docusign, Botto, Viko, Gudog, BBVA, Rocket Pool, AudioScenic or Trip Advisor or Eleven Yellow.

Now is the moment that companies become a part of this network of people committed to contributing to our rural world.

Members of Anceu coliving, Sormland coliving, and Chateau coliving. Sweden, 2022.
Members of coliving community travel together to visit Sormland coliving. Sweden, 2022.

Turn Anceu Coliving into the second home for your remote team.

Participate in a network of companies blending talent, all working together to revive the town of Anceu and bring creativity back. Discover the main operational aspects of this second home for your remote team:
Anceu coliving Room 102

Our rooms

Anceu rooms have their own soul. All of them have been decorated by artists who expressed their vision of Anceu. They’ve made us appreciate how every space has its own unique, vibrant personality.

Dinner by the pool of Anceu coliving

Our Spaces

Anceu Coliving is the space for developing work ethic, getting focused (1000 Mbps fiber optic Internet), outdoor areas, a swimming pool, coworking, and chill-out areas.

Our nature

There’s plenty of natural areas around at Anceu Coliving that you can immerse yourself in from autoctonous forest to river beaches and lakes to enjoy the connection with nature.

Meet the team

Africa. Anceu coliving making things happen

Making things happen

Pepe. Anceu coliving slower

Slow mode member

Agus . Anceu coliving hacker

RurRural Hacker

Pandora . Anceu coliving dogmunity builder

Royal Dogmunity Builder

Rosa. Anceu coliving cozy home manager

Cozy Home Manager


Chill manager


Gardening Assistant

Se. Anceu coliving artista de la pista

Artista de la pista

Liño. Anceu coliving Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones


Rural MacGyver

A slice of Anceu life

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