Make Anceu Coliving your Home Base in 2022

Hello, dear reader,

Here we are, at the end of this season. Since we first opened Anceu Coliving one and a half years ago, we’ve learned a lot, lived tremendous experiences, and built a solid and wonderful community of people worldwide.

We want to give a special Thank you! to all of our 132 colivers that crossed our doors. Without them, none of what Anceu Coliving is today wouldn’t have been possible.

Let’s have a look together at the fantastic things that have happened since we first opened our home to the world:

Here are the projects we’ve created​:

At Home

We invited women artists and
designers to decorate Anceu’s rooms
in a way that tells a story.​

Rural Revival

We were part of a global participatory
art project aiming to revive rural areas.​

Rural Hackers

We focused on developing simple
technological solutions
in rural communities.

Meet Change Makers

We had the opportunity to be part of local events and meet inspiring people from the region.

Dog-friendly Manifesto

We designed with our colivers how we like to live.   with our pets, and how to be responsible owners.​

A place of knowledge

Work opportunities, exchange of knowledge,   learning and developing skills were built by colivers living here.

What’s next for 2022

For 2022 we want to keep our focus on building a strong community and developing new projects. Here are some of them:


We are working on the development
of a European Union project.
It will be a coding school in Anceu
for vulnerable people, with partners from Sweden, Norway, Cyprus,
Poland and Greece
in collaboration with Ticket2Europe.
Visit the website:

Healthy Co-Cooking

After 365 shared dinners since
November 2020 when Maru
and Roberto proposed the idea
of having dinner together
as a big family, we will create
healthy and seasonal recipes
for next year.

Solidarity Developers
 & Rural Hackers

In collaboration with
Ticket2Europe and our colivers
Curro, Andreea, and Mary,
we will develop the European Projects Solidarity Developers
and Rural Hackers.
The aim is to create an impact
in the area, thanks
to technology and innovation.

Make Anceu Coliving your Home Base

We offer discounts for extended stays to develop all these projects, build a strong community, and keep with the spirit of a slow traveller lifestyle.

Next year the minimum booking will be one month, and we will be opening by March 1st.

I am looking forward to being part of Anceu’s Family.

If you've liked what you've seen, be part of our community