Dog-friendly manifesto

How the need to create a manifesto appeared?

Anceu is a dog-friendly home, so we created the dog-friendly manifesto because everyone, people and dogs, want to live together in harmony. During the last three months, we have designed our manifesto with our colivers Ben, Fabienne, John, Curro, Rosa, Agustin, and Africa.

It is born from the experience of living more than two months with our dogs in the coliving. This is the reason why from time to time, our dog trainer Olalla (from Ada Intervenciones Caninas) comes here, where she teaches us how to train our dogs.

We share how we like to live with our pets, what it means to be a responsible owner, and how to respect our coliving space so that everyone feels that they are at home.

Here are some things you will find in our dog-friendly manifesto:

  • Understanding that an Integration period is needed: building the herd – During the first week that a new doggy member arrives, we like to organize doggy walks to create a pack. Each new doggy is the responsibility of each owner; that’s why, especially in the first weeks, we ask you to be responsible for knowing where your dog is. On your first day, tell us their characteristics and the best practices to help them integrate.
  • We need responsible owners for happy dogs – Dogs are not allowed in the sofas in the cafe. We provide dog beds for our pets. Dogs must be out of the cafeteria at family dinner time. Dogs cannot play in the cafeteria to promote a calm space.

Here is the link to our Notion Page, where you can find the complete dog-friendly manifesto. This is an open-source resource that any community can copy and redefine. The goal is that there will be more and more spaces where “animals” can live together every time.

Sharing success stories of our adopted dogs

The photos below show how all dogs live in Anceu Coliving with us. Pepe, Pandora, and Whichy were adopted from os Palleiros while living at Anceu.

Now, Whichy, for example, is this dog who travels around the world with Novo Monde.

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