Common Dinners: A Community-Building Experience

Today we are presenting our common dinners. At Anceu Coliving, we have discovered that sharing meals together can create strong bonds between people, improve health, and foster a sense of community. Since 2020, our colivers have enjoyed common dinners from Monday to Friday. Each person contributes both time and resources to make these meals possible. In this blog post, we’ll explore them. Their structure, benefits, and impact of our shared meal system on the coliving experience.

Momo, Adri and Hannah preparing food. May 2023

The Structure of Common Dinners at Anceu Coliving

  1. Dinner Teams: Our 15 colivers are divided into five teams of three people each. Every week, each team is responsible for cooking dinner and cleaning up on one of the weekdays.
  2. Cost: Each person contributes 20 euros per week to cover the cost of all five dinners.
  3. Zero waste kitchen: To reduce food waste, we have upcycling dinners on Fridays. We use leftovers and creatively repurpose ingredients.
  4. Diverse Protein: We follow a healthy diet by rotating our protein sources daily. We include meat, fish, eggs, and soy-based options.
  5. Healthy Co-cooking: Our colivers follow guidelines for healthy cooking through our Healthy Co’cooking project. This ensures a balanced and nutritious meal plan.
  6. Online groceries: every Monday we do online groceries to Froiz ( a local supermarket in Ponte Caldelas ) where colivers order both common dinner ingredients and private groceries.

The Benefits of Our Shared Dinners

Work-Life Balance

Colivers work long hours find a balance in their lives through our common dinners. Knowing that they will be joining the community for dinner at 8 pm allows them to focus on work during the day, while still having a designated time for socializing. This routine encourages interaction and relaxation, leading to a more fulfilling and healthier work-life balance.

Efficient Teamwork

Our common dinners system promotes efficient teamwork by dividing responsibilities among colivers. Each person works just one day per week, cooking and cleaning for their designated dinner. This division of labor ensures that everyone contributes equally, while also enjoying the benefits of a home-cooked meal every day. This setup reduces stress and fosters a sense of fairness among community members.

Healthier Eating

Anceu Coliving common dinners encourage healthier eating habits by incorporating a variety of proteins and following the Healthy Co-cooking guidelines. By rotating protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, and soy-based options, we provide a diverse and nutritious diet for our colivers. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that everyone enjoys balanced meals, leading to overall better health and well-being.

Fostering Bonds

The shared experience of two hours cooking together allows colivers to connect on a deeper level. As they share stories, exchange family recipes, and reminisce about their past experiences, they form strong bonds with one another. This sense of camaraderie not only strengthens relationships within the coliving community but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Shared Goals

Working towards the common goal of providing a delicious meal for the community fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among colivers. This shared objective gives everyone a sense of purpose and unites them in their efforts. The success of a well-prepared meal and the satisfaction of the entire community instills a sense of accomplishment and pride, further solidifying the bonds between colivers.

The Impact of Common Dinners on the Coliving Experience

Anceu Coliving‘s common dinners have transformed the way we live and interact with one another. The structure of our meal system allows for a more organized approach to communal living, while also promoting healthier eating habits. By working together towards a shared goal, our colivers feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

As a result of these shared dinners, our community has become more closely knit, with conversations and friendships flourishing around the dinner table. Colivers who may not have had the chance to interact with one another during the day can come together in the evening, strengthening their bonds and creating lasting memories.

Moreover, our upcycling dinners on Fridays demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to reducing food waste. By repurposing leftovers and unused ingredients, we teach our colivers the importance of being resourceful and environmentally conscious.

In conclusion, the common dinners at Anceu Coliving have not only improved the quality of life for our colivers but have also created a supportive, healthy, and environmentally-conscious community. Our shared meal system is a testament to the power of food in bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging.

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