Why colivers return to Anceu Coliving?

Here we are, one year and a couple of weeks since we opened our doors to the world for the first time! 

In the last year, Anceu Coliving has been the place of countless beautiful stories, meeting and bonding people from all around the world in a single place. Our coliving. 

This brings us together and helps us grow strong — the community and the people. These are the keywords that characterize the best Anceu Coliving. 

As time passes and the more we grow, the more and more people find out about our place. They want to be part of this experience, and we are pleased about that. 

One of the other things that bring us the most joy is the people that want to return. This gives us the enthusiasm and confidence to expand what Anceu Coliving could be: The nest for a fantastic community. 

Today’s article brought together a couple of stories of why some of the colivers decided to revisit us this summer.

What is the main reason that made them feel that they want to return?

Let’s see some stories below. 

Let’s meet Edouard

Edouard is from France, a digital nomad who travels worldwide. He is working in the Software Engineering field and creates online courses simultaneously for people who want to learn how to do the same. You can check his online courses here.

He came to our place last year for three months during the fall-winter time.

This year he decided to come back to our site and feel Anceu Coliving from a summer perspective and develop a project for Anceu Village called “Rural Makers.”

Let’s see what the reason why he returned to our place is:

Let’s meet Carlos

Carlos is an old friend from Madrid, and we knew each other before opening up this place.

I invited him for the first time last year, exactly when I opened this place, but it was different. He came in a holiday mood, but this summer came for two weeks, and he worked simultaneously with his girlfriend.

In this video below, he said that he came back because of the beauty you get from this place, Anceu Coliving and Galicia. Beauty is not in the sense of pretty things you can find around, but as a whole, in people, in nature, in animals, in food, in everything about.

Let’s meet Christina.

One thing that you will immediately love about our coliver Christina is that she is super straightforward, and she speaks her mind, making her feel very confident every time.

In this video, when we asked her to tell us why she decided to return to our place, we were surprised to see her so touched by how she feels about our site. 

One of the most important things she appreciates for Anceu Coliving is the connection and bond created among the colivers.

Let’s meet Marcos

Let’s meet Marcos; he is from New Castle – England, and owns a Software Development company. 

He says he loves this place so much he wouldn’t leave. 

He came for the first time last year and stayed for three weeks, and this summer came together with his friend Dominico with the plan to stay only a couple of days and ended up staying two weeks. 

These two colivers brought so much joy and fun to our place. With an easygoing attitude and full of energy and inspiration, the two weeks they spent here brought this place to a new level. 

They cooked almost every day at lunch; if not, they went to a restaurant in Pontecaldelas or places nearby and took the other colivers with them. 

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