, our first rural Hackathon

When I started to think about this project, I kind of knew that it was going to be a pretty strong project on tech based on my background. What I didn’t know was the first hackathon in a rural coliving in Spain would happen that soon. The idea came from África, our amazing community builder from Arroelo.

She put over the table the problems we face now as a society because of social media. We live in a world where ignoring your friends while using your phone is totally fine. Because of that,  StopPhubbing, our first hackathon gets into the scene.

Rural hackathon October 2020
Rural hackathon October 2020

The word phubbing is a new word that appeared a few years ago. It’s a junction of phone and snubbing. It describes the habit of snubbing someone in favor of a mobile phone. Based on that word and a workshop by África, we decided to set a date for a hackathon. In this hackathon, we’d create an open-source project, showing what phubbing was. Also, we’d show how to fix that on a company perspective.

We took advantage that our friends from Eleven Yellow were arriving on that day. They are an amazing coder team, so, with them, plus the designing skills of Creative Lions and Joana from DINAMO10, we got into the job of finishing an MVP for the site.

We spent the afternoon thinking about the idea, what we wanted to show, design, and platform to deploy it. After a bit more than 4 hours, we ended up with this result,

Even though the website is still in a beta version, we want this as an open platform, so everyone will be able to pull request changes in the site straight in the GitHub repository. So, feel free to go and include your company if you want to get into the movement.

Anyway, summing things up, it’s been an amazing experience for a short hackathon in a rural coliving, and I hope there are more to come. Click here to get more stories about our colivers or click here to become one

Stay tuned!


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