Building alliances in a rural coliving space in Spain

Since the idea of starting a rural coliving space came into my mind, I knew that building alliances with other like-minded spaces and organizations was a key factor.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. I thought that those things would just appear naturally. And I was right. The first alliance came up organically with the founders of Cloud Citadel when I visited them during their opening month .Their opening month was in February this year. We discussed a discount program between our spaces. Finally, we realized the discount program doesn’t make sense. In our kind of spaces, but the recommendations of coliving spaces that share similar interests.

Visiting other coliving spaces

With our very first alliance under our belt, I went to visit Nine Coliving just before lockdown. I met with Anne, the founder, and pitched her the alliance idea, which she agreed to immediately. At that point, I understood that building alliances fit into the spirit of sharing. Whether it’s sharing spaces such as coliving and coworking, or helping each other with this kind of initiative.

After that, when Anceu Coliving was still in the makingI received a message from Africa. She is the founder of Espacio Arroelo, a coworking space in Pontevedra. She wanted to meet to see if there was any way for our two spaces to collaborate. The meeting was a success. In less than a month, we had a framework. We called it the Creative Commons Community. It is an alliance whereby colivers from Anceu Coliving are welcome to work from Espacio Arroelo and vice versa.

It’s been almost three months since we started this alliance with Espacio Arroelo and we’re pleased to share some of the inspiring moments in the video below. Enjoy!

If you wish to be part of our #AnceuAlliances, feel free to reach out to us at Let’s collaborate and build an alliance! 

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