Happy Second Birthday, Anceu Coliving!

July is a month of celebration!

This month we will have two years since we first opened Anceu Coliving, and since then, we’ve learned a lot, lived tremendous experiences, and built a solid and superb community of people worldwide.

We want to give a special Thank you! to our beautiful colivers that crossed our doors. Without them, none of what Anceu Coliving is today wouldn’t have been possible.

For this beautiful celebration to happen, our community builder Andreea, with the help of the entire community that ever lived in Anceu Coliving, created this video, where colivers were asked to say in one-two word what Anceu Coliving means to them. Then, we painted these words on a bench and created a beautiful, symbolistic corner of what this place means to our community.

See this video and how it was behind the scenes.

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