Digital Nomads in Galicia

Digital Nomads in Galicia was a media apparition that documented the experience of people coming to Anceu Coliving to work and live.

Last month we had the Crtvg Galicia Television coming to our place. They took a lovely documentary about our site that perfectly embodies the #anceuvibe.

We were very happy to open our doors to the television representatives who spent the whole day in Anceu Coliving. They had interviews with every coliver trying to understand their motivation for choosing to live the life of a slowmad. This concept of coliving, especially after the pandemic started to rise and the need of being surrounded by people increased as well. Read this article about How I opened a rural coliving and coworking space in Spain.

Watch the video below and have an inside look on:

🏡 how the place looks like

🌳 meeting part of the colivers that live here and their stories behind

💻 how a typical weekday looks like

It was so lovely to have them here and share our story so others can see it and decide to come to our place to have the same experience or get inspired by what #coliving and #coworking is.

Digital Nomads in Galicia video here

Digital Nomads in Galicia
Digital Nomads in Galicia

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